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A remarkable performer on stage, a fine singer and an outstandingly swinging and propulsive bass player with an outgoing personality to match...I declare that she is a class act who should be on every jazz festival in the land….A sure fire hit!


Humphrey Lyttleton



“Nicola Farnon…

The most important thing in music is poetry…She’s got it

The next best activator is swing… She’s got it

Love, laughter, looks and charm…She’s got it

Her voice, whose choice? Mine…   She’s got it!" ROBERT FARNON

Latest CD 'So Farnon - So Good' featuring Jim Mullen, David Newton and Steve Brown


Jazzwise ****

"....Nicola Farnon presents another collection of brilliantly arranged standards and originals...Farnon's singing goes straight to the heart."






We were like putty in her hands.  She has the unique talent to make it appear that each song that she sings is just for you, and that it is the very first time that she has ever sung it.  She is the ultimate professional, with a charismatic personality that is rare in all but the top artists.


Big Band Buddies Magazine